Tuesday • June 18
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Surviving Retirement as a Couple
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Spending time with your spouse is a given in retirement, but how you approach it can be the difference between a good retirement or an anxious one. San Francisco writer, Miriam Goodman, the author of Too Much Togetherness has interviewed hundreds of couples on the brink of retirement and found many are anxious and worried about being together all the time. This new book helps readers prepare psychologically for challenges to their long term relationships as they subtly change from career to retirement and the next stage of their lives.
Episode Segments:
Nic and Nan: The Windy City

Nic shares some highlights of his vacation in Chicago hanging with Mom. One of the highlights was almost being crushed by a CTA bus. But he did get to see Ringo! And of course, we have an update on those stupid criminals in the Bozo Report
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Nic and Nan: Hollywood 411

Itís not easy caring for an elderly family member who has given up, and Nan is going through that. Then, in the 411 - Tom and Katie are officially over, and the X-Factor is scouting new hosts.
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Nic and Nan: Miriam Goodman

Why do people who have been married 20-plus years have such a high divorce rate? Itís because theyíve lived with each other, but havenít really lived with each other. Miriam Goodman talks about what it takes to keep it together with your spouse during retirement. Weíll also learn about the different types of retirees, and how they can put strain on a marriage.
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Nic and Nan: Together but Apart

During retirement, how do you keep separate but together lives? Miriam gives her thoughts in part two of our conversation.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Miriam Goodman
Miriam Goodman is a journalist, author, award-winning radio and television producer, and public relations consultant. She has interviewed more than a thousand people, from celebrities to diplomats, from Margaret Mead to Marilyn Chambers. She created, produced and hosted the first nationally syndicated feminist radio program, which ran for seven years from New York to San Francisco on the RKO radio network and dozens of other stations and earned several radio awards. She has been a frequent contributor to National Public Radio, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Miriam was a television producer for Newsweek Broadcasting, a documentary producer for the San Francisco NBC TV-affiliate and received two EMMY nominations her television documentaries. She is a columnist for examiner.com and contributor to other online publications as well. Her written work has appeared in such magazines as Family Circle, New West and MS, and in newspapers around the country. She has covered topics as varied as the Neptune Society to the UN Commission on Women. Ms. Goodmanís Book, Reinventing Retirement: 389 bright ideas about Family, Friends, Health, What to Do and Where to Live has been chosen by the Book of the Month Club, The Quality Paperback Book Club and several other book clubs as a favored selection. It has been a best seller on Amazon in its category. This book is a comprehensive baby boomers guide to all aspects of retirement, from continuing to work to dealing with issues of moving, finding new interests, or feeling good about staying put. As a publicist, Miriam has represented clients ranging from Dot.com entrepreneurs to the San Francisco Public Defender, GQ magazine, authors, nightclubs, chefs, theater companies, cabaret singers and programs for at-risk homeless teenagers. Her clients have appeared on national television and radio programs and she has orchestrated successful book tours in the US and Canada, with coverage in the New York Times, People, USA Today, TIME, and other national publications. She is also a contributor to ELDR.com, examiner.com and TurningPointTV, an on-demand video network featuring entertainment and information for the Boomer generation. Miriam has served on boards of nonprofit organizations in the fields of womenís rights, childrenís rights and politics including Vice Chair of Equal Rights Advocates, president of the Bay Area chapter of the National Womenís Political Caucus, board member of StreetSmart4kids and other groups helping teens and young adults, and is well known in the San Francisco Area through her work in social action causes.

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