Wednesday • August 10
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Eat This, Not Out
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Do you want to eat healthier but donít know where to start? Do you often resort to take-out to keep up with lifeís demands? Melinda Hinson Neely wants to turn your kitchen into the centerpiece for delicious meals and lasting memories, while she saves you time and money while eating healthier, more wholesome meals.
Episode Segments:
Nic and Nan: Summertime Blues

If your teens donít get a summer job, theyíll be hanging around the house all day. Nobody wants that. So Nic and Nan are here with some tips and ideas to help your teen land that perfect summer job or internship. We also have the stupid criminal report.
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Nic and Nan: Road Rage

Nic and Nan are pretty good drivers. Itís the other drivers that are the problem, and its hard to stay calm behind the wheel. Then in the Celeb 411, Will Smith is back on top and Justin Bieber allegedly lost his temper with the press.
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Nic and Nan: Melinda Hinson Neely

If you eat out all the time, you have no idea what you are putting into your body. So Melinda says the first step to getting healthier is eating at home. Sheís also has tips on getting motivated, staying motivated, and breaking your fitness routine to keep things fresh.
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Nic and Nan: Kids and Nutrition

How can mom and dad encourage their kids to eat more healthy? And what do you do if your kid is a picky eater? Melinda has some suggestions. She also gives us a peek inside her marathon training routine.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Melinda Hinson Neely
Melinda Hinson Neely runs a business, runs a household and still manages to run marathons. She studied public health and nutrition at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, received an MBA from the College of William & Mary and served as adjunct professor at Seattle University. She has consulted with many clients in the health and wellness industry, and more importantly, has stayed healthy and happy while juggling meetings, relocations, business trips, marriage and children. Melinda and her family reside in Boise, Idaho.

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