Saturday • October 23
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Checking in with Wil Shriner
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Wil Shriner is a comedian, director, and a former game show host. He's the epitome of reinvention! We'll find out what he's up to now in a really fun conversation. Then - Richard Lustig has won well over a million dollars playing the lotto, and he shares some of his winning tips with you!
Episode Segments:
Its Beyond Complicated: One of Those Days
Penises, Doritos and wine. No, that is not our shopping list. Itss just a few of the topics we will cover on today's extravaganza. Plus - Richard Lustig shares some of his Lottery winning secrets, and Peter talks sitcoms and more with Wil Shriner
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Its Beyond Complicated: Increase Your chances Of Winning The Lottery
Richard Lustig has won the grand prize in the lottery seven times. You heard that right - SEVEN TIMES. That's more than a million dollars, and his system can make you a winner too!
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Its Beyond Complicated: Wil Shriner
He's been on Carson's Tomight Show, directed some of your favorite sitcoms, and even had to tell Bill Gates why jokes are funny. Wil Shriner has been constantly reinventing himself for three decades, and gives us a really fun interview here.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Will Shriner
Comedian, Talk Show Host, Film and Television Director, Wil Shriner directed episodes of Frasier, and Becker to Everybody Loves Raymond. Other episodes include Raising Dad, My Wife and Kids, Norm, Married to the Kellys, Luis, Ladies Man, Two Guys and A Girl, and Living With Fran. In 2006, he wrote the screenplay and directed the feature film Hoot which was released by New Line Cinema.

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Richard Lustig
It's one thing for a guy to claim he has a "method" to win the lottery; it's quite another when that same guy wins seven lottery game grand prizes for over a million dollars (including his most recent grand prize this past summer), plus dozens of smaller prizes totaling over a million more. But, what if he can actually teach YOU how to play, and WIN big? Richard Lustig is doing just that, teaching his winning lottery method to others with AMAZING results including:
  • *A Florida couple, who hit a Mega Money jackpot for TWO MILLION DOLLARS within a few short months of learning Richard's method
  • A radio host who had Richard on his show on a Tuesday, and had him back on the air the very next day to tell him he'd already started winning
  • A Kansas City man who won $10,000 using Richard's advice and told Richard "thanks for the inspiration!"
  • A New Jersey man who read Richard's method and has since hit 4 out of 5 winning numbers for over $1,000 TWO MONTHS IN A ROW!
  • An Austin Texas lotto player won $550 on his FIRST TRY using Richard's winning lottery method
  • A man who saw Richard on the Fox and Friends morning TV show, followed his on-air tips, and won $500.00 that very evening!
And these are just SOME of the winners that have taken the time to let Richard know they've won! It's no wonder that ABC's "Good Morning America", CNN, Fox News, The Daily Buzz, NPR, Mancow, TLC's "The Lottery Changed My Life", The Today Show Australia, German network television, Sirius/XM, Canadian Network Television and dozens more have featured Richard Lustig. His positive, can-do attitude and common sense approach to playing, and winning, the lottery is capturing the imagination of people around the world!

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