Saturday • October 23
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The Warm Up Guy
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Get the inside scoop on what goes on behind the scenes on your favorite sitcoms from the top audience warm-up in in the biz, Bob Perlow. He’ll tell us how he created the role of the audience warm up guy, and has some amazing stories about some of your favorite sit-coms.
Episode Segments:
Its Beyond Complicated: Sex and Dictators
There's only one show on the internet where you'll hear discussions on Gaddafi and orgies in the same segment. And thankfully, they're two separate topics! Plus, Anna's wine and the pioneer of audience warm up Bob Perlow!
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Its Beyond Complicated: Bob Perlow
For 15 years, Bob was the opening warm-up comic for the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.HE was considered THE warm-in Hollywood for over 30 years. In this interview with Peter, find out how Bob created the audience warm-up role, and hear some behind-the-scenes stories from some of your favorite classic sitcoms.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Bob Perlow
The Pawtucket native has spent 30 years on all sides of some of the biggest, best situation comedies in TV history, as writer and performer, but most of all, as the man who gets the studio audience in the mood to love the show. Comedian Bob Perlow is a consummate warm-up man. Perlow's associations read like the best-of in TV comedy since the 1980s. He was an actor/writer as well as warm-up guy for Laverne and Shirley, Mork and Mindy, Night Court, Newhart, Coach and Full House. He was the warm-up guy for Taxi, Cheers, Friends, Two and a Half Men, and Happy Days. And for 15 years, he warmed up audiences for Jay Leno on The Tonight Show.

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