Monday • July 22
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Ghosthunting and the Romitaman
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We’ll visit one of the most extreme haunted attractions in the country – the House of Shock in New Orleans! Then, we’ll go ghosthunting with Dr. Jeff Dwyer. Plus, Mike Burkey will tell us about his original comics art and covers collection, which contains over 3000 items from the Silver and Bronze age!
Episode Segments:
GSRS HR 1: The House of Shock
Ross Karpelman calls in to talk to us about the House of Shock in New Orleans, one of the most extreme haunted attractions in the country. But be warned, the haunted house is intense, and so is this interview. Then – a spoiler-filled review of Paranormal Activity 2. Here’s one spoiler – WE LOVED IT!
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GSRS HR 2: The Collector and the Ghost Hunter
The Romitaman, AKA Mike Burkey geeks out with us about his love of comics, which led into collecting original art. Today, his collection has over 3000 pieces of orginal art & we’ll find out about some of his favorite pieces, how he built the collection, and more. Then, we take a tour of Haunted San Francisco with Jeff Dwyer, author of Ghosthunters Guide To The San Francisco Bay Area and other ghost hunting books.
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The LARGEST original art website in the WORLD devoted primarily to the sale and trading of "BABY-BOOMER" silver age and bronze age comicbook art from the 1960s-1980s, This art site has comic book AND comic strip art from the 1930s to present day represented in QUANTITY!

Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Jeff Dwyer
eff Dwyer is a third-generation San Francisco Bay Area native. Born in Oakland and raised in the island community of Alameda, Jeff became a champion swimmer in high school, a lifeguard, and scuba instructor while nurturing his love for local history. As a boy, he explored the old neigbhoods of Alameda, sometimes sneaking into a abandoned Victorian mansions to look for ghosts. About the age of 10, Jeff noticed that he could see things that others could not. He soon realized he was seeing ghosts or spirit remnants. Throughout his teenage years, Jeff's desire for adventure took him to many of the Bay Area's most historic locations including the old Oakland Airport, Jack London's home in nearby Sonoma, Fort Point in San Francisco, and the Winchester House in San Jose. Jeff attended the East Bay campus of the California State University, the University of California at Berkeley, and the Unversity of Southern Calfiornia, earning a bachelor's degree, two master of science degrees, and a Ph. D. in the medical sciences. He has held positions at various medical schools as a professor medical physiology, reseach associate professor of anesthesiology, and researcher in hyperbaric medicine. These jobs took him west to Hawaii, east to North Carolina, South to Panama City, Florida, and back to Southern California. Moving away from research and academia in recent years, Jeff has had a variety of experiences in intensive care units, rehabilitation centers, and medical clinics in Southern California and San Francisco Bay Area hospitals.

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The House of Shock Horror Show in New Orleans, LA