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September 30, 2011

Evicting Crime from your Neighborhood
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Home foreclosures are a growing problem in America. They can even become a crime magnet. What can you do limit the problem in your neighborhood? Then and education expert thinks schools arenít teaching children the strategies for efficient learning. What can be done to fix this problem?
Episode Segments:
InfoTrak: Vacant Homes & Crime
More than 11% of US homes are vacant. Tom Feltner, VP of Woodstock Institute, a Chicago-based nonprofit research and policy organization that focuses on fair lending, wealth creation, and financial systems reform talked about the negative impact these properties can have on a neighborhood or community. He explained why many communities are creating lists of vacant homes, and the benefits of monitoring these often-neglected properties.
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InfoTrak: Strategic Learining
Reading specialist, Susan Kruger, author of SOAR Study Skills: A Simple and Efficient System for Earning Better Grades in Less Timeoffered advice for students to manage their time, schoolwork, and extra-curricular activities more efficiently. She outlined the reasons that students have problems completing homework or retaining what they have learned, and talked about the value of being organized and goal-oriented.
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InfoTrak: Whatís Eating Your Child?
Nutritionsist Kelly Dorfman, author of Whatís Eating Your Child? discussed the most common misconceptions that parents have about their childís nutrition. She explained how to recognize food sensitivities, and how simple dietary changes can make huge differences in a childís behavior and overall health.
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