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August 19, 2011

The Cost of Eating Healthy
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You hear the advice all the time - eat healthier. It sounds easy enough but a recent study found a surprising obstacle for many Americans: The cost. Then – the inspiring story of a young woman who was diagnosed with an amazing number of challenges, from learning disabilities to anorexia to tourette’s syndrome. Yet she has found joy and meaning in life.
Episode Segments:
InfoTrak: High Cost of Healthy Eating
Dr. Pablo Monsovais, assistant professor of epidemiology at the University of Washington, led a recent study that found that many families can’t afford to buy the foods necessary to meet government-recommended levels of vitamins and nutrients. He explained the reasons behind this finding, and why he believes government policies sometimes inflate the cost of healthy food. He also offered suggestions on the most cost-effective ways to improve nutrition.
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InfoTrak: Living with Mental Disabilities
Melissa Binstock, author of Nourishment: Feeding My Starving Soul When My Mind and Body Betrayed Me was diagnosed with numerous psychological and neurological disorders by the age of eleven, including learning disorders, anorexia and Tourette’s Syndrome. She discussed the difficulties in finding schools that could work with a student who had challenges like hers. She also talked about the value of animal therapy, and how she has learned to live with her disabilities and succeed despite them.
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InfoTrak: The Ripple Effect of the US Credit Downgrade
Greg McBride, senior financial analyst for discussed the recent downgrade of the US government’s credit rating, the Federal Reserve’s response and how consumers’ borrowing costs may be affected. He believes that interest rates are unlikely to rise, primarily because of the poor economy. He offered advice for consumers who may need to refinance or otherwise apply for credit.
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