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July 08, 2011

Bridging the English Gap
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Millions of immigrant Americans struggle to speak English. What’s the solution? One idea is to have their employers help them learn. Then – every email user is familiar with spam. But social media sites are taking online security issues to a whole new level. And who has the faster reaction time behind the wheel – a drunk driver or a texting driver?
Episode Segments:
InfoTrak: Immigrants & English
Marisa Treviño is a Dallas-based author of a blog called Latina Lista, which focuses on family, education and other social justice issues Ms. Treviño believes that whenever comprehensive immigration reform legislation eventually is passed, it will require that immigrants demonstrate the ability to speak English. She talked about the numerous hurdles that immigrants must overcome to learn English. She suggested that employers may offer the best solution, by offering English as a Second Language classes to employees.
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InfoTrak: Protecting your Online Privacy
Many Internet users just automatically click OK when faced with the fine print from web sites. But Debra Berlyn, director of the Consumer Privacy Awareness Project explained why consumers should be concerned about their privacy online and how they can protect themselves. She shared an example of a popular social networking site that raided the email address books of site users without permission, then sent spam to their acquaintances.
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InfoTrak: Texting and Driving
Michael Austin, Technical Editor of “Car and Driver” magazine tells us about tests his magazine conducted that measured reaction times of drivers who were texting on their cell phones while driving. They also tested the same drivers after they were legally drunk. He outlined the results of these real-world tests: drivers who are texting are actually much more dangerous than those who are intoxicated.
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