Friday • June 14
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Head Injuries
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The brain is very delicate so when we suffer a head injury it can be so difficult to get your life back together. In this show we've invited Dr. Cagan Randall to join us. Dr. Randall is from Carrick Brain Centers and is dedicated to researching and helping veterans and civilians with head injuries.
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The Staying Young Show: Head Injuries
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Dr. Cagan Randall
Dr. Cagan Randall is a co-founder of Carrick Brain Centers, with extensive training in treating concussions and neurological disorders with receptor-based therapies that enhance brain function. He specializes in Functional Neurology (FN) and treating traumatic brain injuries, Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, and sports- and PTSD-related concussions. Dr. Randall also is working with a colleague and the state of Texas on a study assessing the benefits of Functional Neurology for military veterans with PTSD. After studying biology at Arizona State University, he became interested in FN while in chiropractic school at Parker University in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Randall later earned a post-graduate doctorate in Vestibular Rehabilitation and Functional Neurology at Carrick Institute. Eventually he applied some of his brain-training techniques to his young, autistic niece, who now is “fully integrated into school and functioning really well,” he says. He now is pursuing a post-graduate doctorate in Carrick’s Traumatic Brain Injury program.

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