Tuesday • July 16
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Love and Your Health
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Today, we are talking about love and how it effects your health. And not just romantic love, but love between friends and family. Actress Joanie Marx will also be on the program to talk about baby boomers who are looking for love.
Episode Segments:
The Staying Young Show: Love and Health

A look at love's effect on your health and wellness, both in a positive and negative ways. Then, how to keep the love alive at 55 and beyond with Joanie McGranny Marx
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Joanie Marx
The engaging, loveable and popular character, McGranny, is the creation of accomplished character actor, Joanie Marx. With a vast array of experience on stage, film and television, Joanie is known for her boundless creativity and consistency in delivering riveting performances that audiences can relate to and be inspired by. To view Joanie's credits click here. Determined to change the image people have of the 55 and older crowd, Joanie was inspired to create her popular McGranny character. According to Joanie, the image the media has sold to the world of a Baby Boomer is not even close to being accurate. Today’s 55 and older crowd are more active, wiser and have far more financial influence on the world than any previous generation in history and Joanie's here to prove it. And Joanie has a secret for how baby boomer’s can reinvent their life and she passionately shares it through the McGranny concept, “Drive-Thru, Make It Your Own®”. Joanie’s creative brilliance has spanned both the world of entertainment and business, as a full-time professional actor, and the founder of a successful multi-million dollar company. She also graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a degree in Psychology. Joanie is currently writing a book on the new rules of of dating for baby boomers, titled: "Facelifts, Money and One Night Stands Breaking the Rules of Dating for Baby Boomers." The book is scheduled to be published in early 2013.

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