Tuesday • July 16
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How to Get More Energy
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We try to keep you active, healthy and young so you can get through your daily tasks. But sometimes, we just don't have the energy to get it done. So what can you do to get that energy back? It all starts with a good night's sleep. Author Syd Hoffman is here with more.
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The Staying Young Show: How to Get More Energy

Health and wellness expert Syd Hoffman shares 100 ways to boost your energy now in her book All-Day Energy! Discover small steps that can make a huge impact on erasing fatigue, increasing clarity, and creating energy. Learn how to feel sharp, focused, and dd more zip to your step today.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Syd Hoffman
If you try to reach Syd and she does not answer her phone, she’s probably in a fitness class. She started lifting weights, setting her elliptical to an insane grade, and practicing yoga after the age of forty. It took her almost five years to comfortably touch her toes and she learned a lot about herself on the journey. Today at the youthful age of 57, Syd is committed to keeping her body at her optimal fitness level and nothing can get in her way! She practices what she preaches by eating six incredibly healthy meals each day, and including strength, cardio, and flexibility activities in her well-balanced weekly fitness plan. Syd has an abundance of energy and is ready to share it! She summitted Mt. Kilimanjaro at age 50. She explored the Swiss Alps in September 2012. She has created three successful businesses from scratch and is currently working on her second book, “Create Weight Loss Magic.” Her book, seminars, and videos provide down-to-earth tools on energizing your life. She has motivated and inspired people on five continents to create a lifetime of healthy living, one step at a time. Mrs. Hoffman is a requested international speaker, author, and coach. She loves to travel and is open to creative adventures.

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