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November 24, 2018

Social Media & Your Job
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Can social media hurt you when it comes to finding a job? An expert says what you post on the web may make a boss think twice about hiring you. Then, human trafficking is a very real problem . An advocate says America’s foster child system may be a contributing factor.
Episode Segments:
Social Media Mistakes &Your Job
Brandi Britton is , District President of Office Team, a staffing service providing temporary administrative and office support staff

Ms. Britton discussed the most common social media mistakes that take job seekers out of the running for a position. She noted that negative or inappropriate comments and questionable photos are the most common social media issues. She said a job hunter should always assume that a company has combed through their social media profile before even scheduling an interview.
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Child Traffiking
Jennifer Bradley is co-author of Make it Zero: The Movement to Safeguard Every Child

Ms. Bradley discussed the issue of human trafficking in the U.S. She said five main factors contribute to the problem, including poverty, abuse and isolation. She explained the shocking role that the foster child system plays in the issue, and she offered suggestions for individuals to make a difference in preventing and stopping human trafficking.
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Irrationality and the Economy
Richard Thaler, PhD is professor of behavioral science and economics at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, the president of the American Economic Association

Prof. Thaler discussed what happens when economics meets psychology and how irrational human beings greatly influence the US and world economies. He explained how research is in progress to understand human miscalculations, with the goal of developing better decision making in business, government and life in general.
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