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March 31, 2018

Small Town Government
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A vast number of Americans live in small cities and towns, were citizens volunteer to serve on local boards and commissions. But how effective are they when it comes to decisions of zoning, planning and other important matters. Then - the Americans with Disabilities Act is considered a major piece of civil rights legislation. We’ll hear the suprising story of how the law came into existence.
Episode Segments:
Government in the Twilight Zone
John R. Baker, PhD is Professor of Political Science at Wittenberg University, author of Government in the Twilight Zone: Volunteers to Small-City Boards and Commissions. 97 percent of all American cities have a population fewer than 50,000 and Dr. Baker studies the workings of these smaller local governments. He discussed how local board systems operate, who the board members are and what motivates them to serve. He explained why it is important for citizens to understand how government functions, even in small towns.
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The Americans with Disabilities Act
Disabled Americans are the largest minority group in the country. Lennard J. Davis, PhD Enabling Acts: The Hidden Story of How the Americans with Disabilities Act Gave the Largest US Minority Its Rights.
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Unfilled Prescriptions
Michael A. Fischer, MD, MS, Instructor in Medicine at Harvard Medical School, Associate Physician at the Division of Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacoeconomics at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston led a study that found that many people whose doctors start them on medications for conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure may never fill those prescriptions. He explained the reasons behind this problem and how doctors and patients can improve communication.
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