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August 20, 2016

Prescription for Disaster
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Nearly every day, 50 Americans die from legal pain pills. A leading expert has the details and shares how you can avoid becoming a statistic. Then, ever dream of having a glamorous high paying job? As youíll hear, those top jobs arenít all they are cracked up to be.
Episode Segments:
Infotrak: Prescription Pain Pills

Prescriptions for opioids have climbed 300% in the past decade and more than 46 Americans die each day from legal pain pills, such as OxyContin, Percocet and Vicodin. Lisa Gill, Prescription Drugs Editor at Consumer Reports discussed the reasons behind this trend. She also talked about the little-known dangers posed by over-the-counter painkillers like acetaminophen. She offered advice to patients who are dealing with pain. She also explained how the federal government is trying to deal with the issue.
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Infotrak: Overrated Jobs

Tony Lee, Publisher of and outlined his organizationís list of the most overrated and underrated jobs, based factors such as pay, hiring outlook, work environment, stress and physical demands. He explained why certain jobs are not as attractive as they may seem, and why other great career choices are often overlooked. He also offered advice for those who are seeking to change careers or move up the ladder in their present industry.
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Infotrak: Taking Notes

Laptops, tablets and other electronic devices are commonplace in todayís classrooms. But Pam Mueller, a grad student at Princeton University co-authored a study that found that taking notes by typing, rather than writing, interferes with studentsí ability to process and remember information. Her research indicated that students who take notes with pen and paper recall more material and perform significantly better in class.
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