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December 17, 2016

Age Discrimination
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There are lots of anti-discrimination laws on the books, regarding race, color, religion or gender. But on law is often overlooked, and may effect millions of Americans. Then, when you shop at a mall or major retailer, experts say you are being spied on. And the reason why may surprise you.
Episode Segments:
InfoTrak: Age Discrimination

Michael C. Harper, expert in employment discrimination law, and Professor of Law at Boston University School of Law discussed the growing influence of age discrimination in today’s job market. He explained the reasons that employers often avoid older job applicants. He said the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, which prohibits employment discrimination against anyone 40 or older, is highly ineffective. Prof. Harper believes the law should be reformed to make it at least as strong a deterrent as laws that prohibit discrimination on race or gender.
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InfoTrak: Shopping on Candid Camera

Americans are used to being monitored for security reasons as they shop, but Jeff Blyskal, Senior Editor at Consumer Reports said an increasing number of walk-in retailers are taking spying to a whole new level. He said stores are installing hidden video cameras, video analytics software, smartphone tracking and wi-fi hotspots to gather a surprising amount of data about their individual customers. The goal of this intense surveillance is to target shoppers with customized marketing, to convince them to shop more and spend more.
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InfoTrak: Getting Your Finances in Order

Financial advisor Frances Newton, founder of Frances Insights said this is an excellent time of year for consumers to dig through credit card statements and bank receipts, and get their finances in order She said getting organized will not only help a consumer to save money during the year, but it will also boost financial confidence.
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