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November 29, 2014

Cheating in School On the Rise
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Here is a shocking fact: over half of students say theyve cheated in school. And while parents may want their kids to be honest, is the pressure to succeed winning out? Then, you might think only old people get Alzheimers disease, but surprisingly, it can affect younger people too. Well have the story.
Episode Segments:
Cheating Amongst Students

Our guest is Dr. Donald McCabe, PhD, Professor in the Department of Management and Global Business at the Business School at Rutgers University. Dr. McCabe is a researcher who studies cheating in school. He has found that levels of cheating are on the rise in every level of education. He discussed some of the latest and most inventive methods of cheating fostered by newer technologies. He also offered suggestions to parents on how they can encourage their children to be honest.
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Detecting Early Alzheimers

Dr. Gary Small, MD, Director of the Memory and Aging Research Center at UCLA discussed the growing number of cases of Alzheimers Disease diagnosed in patients under the age of 65, and the possible causes of the trend. He also talked about the differences in Alzheimers in young people compared to elderly patients, and the types of therapies and medications available.
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Cracking the Online Teen Code

Dr. Harris Stratyner, PhD., C.A.S.A.C., is Associate Professor and the Director of Addiction Recovery Services for the Department of Psychiatry at Mount Sinai Medical Cente. Dr. Stratyner talked about survey conducted by his organization, which found that a growing number of online conversations among teenagers involve the topics of illegal drug use and sex. He shared his concern that many young people are getting dangerous misinformation about drug safety. He talked about the code words that teens often use online, and what parents need to know.
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