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August 09, 2014

A Hidden Weapon in the War on Drugs
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Just about everyone has heard about America’s war on drugs. But there’s a little known weapon in the government’s legal arsenal you may be unaware of. It’s called forfeiture, and it could cost you your personal property. Then – counterfeit goods and online piracy are a financial menace for American business large and small. A top attorney will tell you how to avoid becoming a legal target.
Episode Segments:
InfoTrak: Civil Asset Forfeiture

Freelance journalist Jonah Engle discussed civil asset forfeiture, a part of the War on Drugs which allows the government to seize property-- even if it doesn't have enough evidence to convict or even charge someone with a drug offense. He explained how the forfeiture process works and why it is so difficult to recover property after it is seized. He said many law enforcement agencies include projected revenue from asset forfeitures in their annual budgets.
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InfoTrak: Intellectual Property in the Electronic Age
Attorney Alexandre Montagu, author of Intellectual Property: Money and Power in a New Era talked about intellectual property law, how it has changed with new technology, and why nearly everyone should understand the basics. He explained potential pitfalls for both the average consumer, and small and medium-sized businesses. Among the examples he cited: knock-offs of brand-name products on Internet auction sites and the indiscriminate use of photographs found online.
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InfoTrak: Job Seekers with Jobs
Jennifer Grasz, Vice President, Corporate Communications at outlined the results of a recent survey conducted by her organization that found that 69% of full-time workers regularly search for new job opportunities. She said that new online tools available to job seekers have made it much easier to do in-depth research on potential employers. She also discussed the reasons that such a high percentage of the workforce is interested in changing jobs.
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