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September 29, 2018

The American Tech Crisis
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Today’s generation of teens and young adults has embraced modern technology. But some say that much of America’s establishment, including education and government is lagging far behind. Then, conservationists are buzzing about the nation’s bee population, and the insects’ essential role in the global food supply.
Episode Segments:
Technology and Society
Hilarie Gamm is a tech industry expert, and author of Billions Lost: The American Tech Crisis and The Road Map to Change Ms. Gamm explained why parents, educators, and employers urgently need to understand today’s generation of teens and young adults. She talked about the revolutionary effect that technological advances have had on education and the development of the human mind. She said every American needs to have a basic understanding of current technology because of the wide ranging ramifications these changes have on legislation, regulation and privacy.
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The Bee Population
Kelsey Graham, PhD, pollinator conservation specialist at Michigan State University explained the importance of bees to the nation’s food supply. She also discussed the role that pesticides and climate change may be having on bee populations in North America. She outlined simple steps that people can take to increase bee populations in their communities.
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Bikes and Railroad Crossings
About every five days, a child in the U.S. dies from a train collision. Kristin Rosenthal, pedestrian and bike safety expert from Safe Kids Worldwide said young people, particularly teenagers, do not understand how dangerous railroad tracks and crossings are. She offered advice to parents to teach their kids to not walk or take selfies on railroad tracks, to not walk with earbuds in, and to never try to beat a train at a railroad crossing.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Hilarie Gamm
For most of her career, spanning over 25 years, Hilarie Gamm has been at the frontlines of America’s high-tech industry. The woman behind the stunning revelations in Billions Lost: The American Tech Crisis and The Road Map to Change, is a nationally recognized leader in technology with both domestic and global exposure.

For over two decades, Gamm has amassed a wide-sweeping professional portfolio at virtually all levels of the tech industry hierarchy – from field work to middle management to executive leadership. Her work experiences include help desks, tech support, web development, mainframes, client servers, cloud computing, testing, and data centers. She has managed IT departments, projects, application development, and client services. She has consulted for large international corporate IT programs, has deployed applications in over 40 countries, and managed multi-lingual offshore teams. So, from help desk to executive suite, her compelling insights provide a lucid glimpse into the transitions, miscalculations, and prevailing vulnerabilities for the American economy.

Despite the massive accrued economic damage and the momentum to maintain a harmful status quo, Gamm remains optimistic that by exposing the crisis, identifying the causes, and then outlining remedies – change is possible. She also believes that it is imperative that American industry embrace the enormous potential of a domestic remote work force. The professional team that Gamm utilized for research and production for Billions Lost was comprised of American-based remote professionals.

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