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February 18, 2018

Americans Experiencing Poverty
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How many Americans will actually live at the poverty level at some point in their lives? The answer to that question may surprise you. Then, busy parents of school age kids have plenty to think about. Like how to pack a healthy lunch for their children every school day. We’ll have tips from an expert about preparing balanced lunches your kids will actually want to eat.
Episode Segments:
Living in Poverty
Mark Rank, PhD, Professor of Social Welfare at Washington University in St. Louis led a study that found that, between the ages of 25 and 60, almost two-thirds of Americans will live in poverty for a year or more. He shared other statistics from his study that illustrate how common poverty is. He discussed the reasons behind the problem and why a surprising number of Americans move from poverty to the middle class or higher, then back to poverty again.
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What’s in Your Lunchbox?
Most parents believe preparing and packing a healthy lunchbox is a difficult task. Sandeep S. Grewal, MD, MS, nutrition and weight loss expert, co-author of Fat-Me-Not: Weight Loss Diet of The Future explained why lunches parents send to school are so critical to their kids’ development and learning. He talked about the worst things parents can include in a lunch, and why hot lunches at school are not always a better option. He also discussed the most effective ways to lose weight.
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The Big Business of Medicare Fraud
Jim Quiggle, Director of Communications at Coalition Against Insurance Fraud discussed Medicare fraud, which has become a multi-billion dollar industry. He explained how fraudsters rapidly evolve their techniques as investigators close in on a specific scam. He outlined common warning signs of a scam that senior citizens should recognize, such as cold-call solicitations and requesting Medicare numbers over the phone.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Mark Rank
Mark R. Rank is widely recognized as one of the foremost experts and speakers in the country on issues of poverty, inequality, and social justice.

Dr. Rank’s areas of research and teaching have focused on poverty, social welfare, economic inequality, and social policy. His first book, "Living on the Edge: The Realities of Welfare in America, "explored the conditions of surviving on public assistance and achieved widespread critical acclaim.

His next book, \"One Nation, Underprivileged: Why American Poverty Affects Us All,\" provided a new understanding of poverty in America. His life-course research has demonstrated for the first time that a majority of Americans will experience poverty and will use a social safety net program at some point during their lives.

He is currently completing a book with his long-time collaborator, Thomas Hirschl of Cornell University, entitled, “Chasing the American Dream: Understanding the Dynamics that Shape Our Fortunes.” It explores through a multi-methodological approach the nature of the American Dream and the economic viability of achieving the Dream. The book is designed to shed light on the tenuous nature of the American Dream in today’s society, and how to restore its relevance and vitality.

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