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September 04, 2021

Protecting Student Privacy
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Privacy advocates say its wrong for schools and vendors to collect and share the personal data of school students. Can laws regarding the use of student data be tightened? Then, is America raising a generation of couch potatoes? A study says nineteen year olds now get the same amount of exercise as 60 year olds.
Episode Segments:
Student Privacy
Schools and third-party vendors collect and share an astonishing amount of personal data on nearly every student in America. Rachael Stickland, Co-Founder and ‎Co-Chair of the Parent Coalition for Student Privacy explained why parents should be concerned and what they can do about it. She believes laws protecting student privacy need to be strengthened.
The Couch Potato Generation
Vijay R. Varma, PhD, researcher and post-doctoral fellow at the National Institute on Aging, part of the National Institutes of Health recently co-authored a study that found an alarming decrease in physical activity in youngsters at every age. 19 year olds now get as much exercise and activity as 60 year olds. Dr. Varma explained why this is a major problem. He offered suggestions of ways to encourage both younger and older Americans to become more physically active.
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Driving Under The Influence of Drugs
Jim Hedlund, consultant for the Governors Highway Safety Association, former researcher for 22 years at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration conducted a study for the Governors Highway Safety Administration that found that for the first time, more drivers who were tested after fatal crashes had drugs in their system than had alcohol. He discussed the role that the increasing legalization of marijuana may play in this trend. He also explained why laws targeting drivers under the influence of alcohol cannot easily be amended to include drug users.
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