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December 24, 2022

DNA Testing and Privacy Rights
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An infamous serial killer is caught using a new and legally murky use of DNA testing. It is a landmark case, but should we all be concerned about our privacy rights? Then, the #MeToo movement has toppled some major names in entertainment and politics, and the issue has resonated in a deep way throughout our society. Are corporations now taking sexual harassment allegations more seriously?
Episode Segments:
Publically Available DNA Testing
Erin E. Murphy, expert on DNA and forensic evidence, and Professor of Law at New York University discussed the privacy and legal concerns raised by the Golden State Killer case, in which a notorious serial killer was captured via DNA submitted to a publically available genealogy website. She noted that that the type of DNA testing used by genealogy sites is a much broader and more powerful tool than the version permitted in criminal justice databases. She also discussed recent advances that will make DNA testing much faster and even more useful to law enforcement.
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MeToo and the Workplace
The #MeToo movement has gripped the nation for months, but a recent study from the American Psychological Association found that in its aftermath, corporations have taken weak steps, at best, to prevent sexual harassment and inappropriate conduct. David Ballard, PhD, Director of the American Psychological Associationís Center for Organizational Excellence said most policy and training changes have been aimed at limiting the liability of the company, rather than to effect real change. He found that organizations with women in senior leadership roles were much more likely to have taken new steps to prevent harassment and to encourage employees to report it.
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Saving for Retirement with Student Debt
Julie Jason, award-winning financial columnist, author of Retire Securely talked about the best ways to start to save for retirement, even for those struggling with student debt. She said it is critical to start young, because of the power of compounding. She also discussed common financial scams that consumers should be alert to.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Erin Murphy
Erin Murphyís research focuses on technology and forensic evidence in the criminal justice system. She is a nationally recognized expert in forensic DNA typing, and her work has been cited multiple times by the Supreme Court. Her latest book, Inside the Cell: The Dark Side of Forensic DNA, was released in October 2015 (Nation Books). Murphy is co-editor of the Modern Scientific Evidence treatise, and serves as the associate reporter for the American Law Institute's project to revise Article 213 of the Model Penal Code. She has translated her scholarly writing for more popular audiences by publishing in Scientific American, the New York Times, USA Today, Slate, the San Francisco Chronicle, and the Huffington Post, and has offered commentary for numerous media outlets, including NPR, CNN, MSNBC, and NBC Nightly News. A proud recipient of the 2012 Podell Distinguished Teaching Award, Murphy teaches criminal law and procedure, evidence, forensic evidence, and professional responsibility in the criminal context, among other courses. She clerked for Judge Merrick B. Garland on the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit.

Erin's Book, Inside the Cell

Julie Jason
Julie Jason has directed Jackson, Grantís wealth management practice since founding the firm more than 20 years ago. A proponent of financial literacy, she shares her investment insights through her award-winning books and column, which is syndicated by King Features

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