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June 07, 2014

A Threat to the American Dream
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How much do Americans know about our country? The answer may shock you; One in three canít pass a basic civics test. The same test that is given to immigrants. Then, it seems almost as complicated as a moon launch Ė preparing to send your kid to college. Weíll hear from an expert.
Episode Segments:
Infotrak: American Civics

97.5 percent of immigrants who want to become American citizens successfully pass a naturalization test. The Center for the Study of the American Dream at Xavier University found that at least 35% of native-born Americans are not sufficiently educated to pass the same test. Founding Director Michael Ford explained why civic illiteracy is a serious threat to the American Dream. He talked about the disappearance of civics classes from the nationís high schools in the past several decades.
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InfoTrak: Planning for College

Planning for college is more complex than ever. Cynthia Hammond-Davis, author of If I Knew Then What I Know Now! College & Financial Aid Planning From A Parentís Perspective said the financial aid planning process should start as early in a childís life as possible. She shared the story of her struggle to help her son sort out the complex universe of college searches, financial aid, scholarships, athletics and extracurricular activities.
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Infotrak: Inside the Teen Brain
Robert Whelan, PhD, postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Vermont led a recent brain-imaging study of that examined similarities and differences in the brains of teens with ADHD vs. those who use drugs or alcohol. He said that the impulsivity that leads kids to blow off their homework and the impulsiveness that drives kids use drugs or alcohol are not the same, neurologically speaking. He talked about possible ways to help young people who may be diagnosed before they actually get into trouble.
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