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March 21, 2015

Dealing With Addictions
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There are all kinds of harmful addictions and bad habits, from drugs to alcohol, gambling or porn. One expert says there’s no single path for defeating them. Then, Is there a key to making America’s struggling cities more vibrant and successful? We talk to a city planner and design expert who says he’s discovered the secret formula.
Episode Segments:
InfoTrak: Addictions

1. Peter A. Sacco, PhD, psychologist who specializes in addictions, and author of Right Now Enough Is Enough discussed the biggest misconceptions about addictions and bad habits. He said pornography and gambling are the least recognized addictions among Americans today. He noted that addicts are frequently able to hide their behavior and lead seemingly normal lives. He also talked about the most effective routes to recovery.
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InfoTrak: The Walkable City

In the typical American city, the car is still king. Jeff Speck, AICP, a City Planner and Architectural Designer who advocates for smart growth and sustainable design, is author of Walkable City: How Downtown Can Save America, One Step at a Time. said that downtown areas and local economies can be dramatically improved by becoming pedestrian-friendly. He explained how simple decisions have cascading effects, and how citizens can influence their elected representatives to make wise choices for their communities.
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InfoTrak: Statins and Exercise

Statins, the most widely prescribed type of cholesterol-lowering drugs, have prevented millions of heart attacks and saved countless lives. But John P. Thyfault, PhD, Professor of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology, Director of the Health Activity Center at the University of Missouri conducted a study that found that statins may also counteract the benefits of exercise, the other tried-and-true way to boost cardiac health. He explained why doctors usually prescribe drugs, rather than recommending exercise or dietary change. He also talked about how much exercise can be effective for people dealing with high cholesterol.
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