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January 31, 2015

Preventing Crime Against Women
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The FBI statistics are scary - One in four females in America will be a victim of violent crime. We have expert advice to help you stay safe. Then, itís fine to make money as long as itís not counterfeit money. Weíll get the details on the latest way the government is fighting the problem.
Episode Segments:
InfoTrak: The Girlís Guide to Being Fearless
FBI statistics say that 1 in 4 females in the US will be a victim of violent crime. Personal safety expert Cathy Steinberg, author of The Fabulous Girl's Guide to Being Fearless: What Every Girl Should Know talked about the most common types of violence directed at young women, and offered suggestions of how to avoid dangerous situations. She explained why it is so important for prospective college students to evaluate campus security before they make a decision on where to go to school.
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InfoTrak: Counterfeiting Prevention
Chadwick Wasilenkoff, founder and CEO of Fortress Paper, a specialty paper company that produces secure paper for currencies around the world discusses the measures that governments take to prevent counterfeiting of currencies. He said that a large percentage of counterfeit US bills are believed to be produced by state-sponsored operations in countries such as North Korea. He explained why new measures, such as the improved $100 bill, do slow down counterfeiters temporarily. However, he said criminals eventually adapt to such changes, so it is a never-ending battle. He explained how consumers can try to identify counterfeit bills.
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InfoTrak: The Cigarette / Marijuana Connection
Megan Moreno, MD, researcher at Seattle Children's Research Institute and Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Washington recently conducted a study that found that found that teens who smoke cigarettes are 23 times more likely to smoke marijuana, compared to those who don't use tobacco. She talked about the reasons behind this finding. She also explained how the recent legalization of marijuana in several states may affect its use nationwide.
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