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December 06, 2014

Profitable Diversity
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America’s diverse population has helped make this country great. And diversity can also make companies more profitable. Countless people spend time and money seeking personal finance advice. But how reliable is that advice?
Episode Segments:
InfoTrak: Profitable Diversity
Anise Wiley-Little, author of Profitable Diversity: How Economic Inclusion Can Lead to Success said diversity is often ignored, although it can be a tremendous resource for businesses. She outlined the reasons that diversity and inclusion should matter to our nation’s corporations and communities. She also said that in most cases, male managers and CEOs are ultimately in control of whether diversity succeeds or fails in a company.
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InfoTrak: The Dark Side of the Personal Finance Industry

Americans spend billions of dollars on personal finance products and advice. Helaine Olen, personal finance writer, and author of Pound Foolish: Exposing the Dark Side of the Personal Finance Industry discussed common myths purveyed by many of the nation’s most respected financial gurus. She said the financial industry frequently sells products and services to consumers that offer little, if any, help in achieving financial security. She talked about the corrosive role that commissions and fees too often play in advice offered by money advisors.
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InfoTrak: Cyberloafing

Joseph Ugrin, Assistant Professor of Accounting, Kansas State University discussed his study of a trend called “cyberloafing,” which is rapidly increasing in workplaces throughout the nation. He found that all employees – old and young alike – are spending large amounts of their workday on non-work-related activities online, such as social networking and managing their finances. He talked about the challenges that employers face in dealing with the problem.
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