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March 19, 2016

Pedestrian Fatalities and their causes
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Going for a walk is supposed to be healthy, not fatal. But last year pedestrian deaths in the US had the biggest increase in history. We’ll tell you why. Then, millions of Americans suffer from depression. Researchers tried an odd combination of activities that lowered symptoms by 40-percent
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Pedestrian fatalities
Pedestrian fatalities in the U.S. jumped last year, the largest annual increase ever measured. Richard Retting, MS, FITE, transportation consultant for the Governors Highway Safety Association said numerous factors may have contributed to the spike, including an increase in the number of miles driven, alcohol consumption, and the growing use of cell phones among walkers and drivers. He believes states and localities can apply the right mix of engineering, education and enforcement to counteract this troubling trend.
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Meditation and Excercise
Brandon L. Alderman, PhD, Assistant Professor of Exercise Science and Sport Studies, Director of the Exercise Psychophysiology Lab at Rutgers University led a study that examined whether a combination of activities can effectively treat depression. Participants who were asked to meditate for 30 minutes before exercising for 30 minutes twice a week had 40 percent less depressive symptoms than they did before the study began. He explained the likely reasons behind these results. He said that even study participants who were not depressed received noticeable benefits.
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Paul Redmanis is Executive Director of Longwood Gardens near Philadelphia, one of the leading public gardens in the country, co-chair of the Seed Your Future initiative, which promotes horticulture as a career path for young people Mr. Redman is concerned about the increasing shortage of professional horticulturalists and horticulture programs at universities. He noted that enrollment in horticulture programs has declined dramatically at a time when the need for graduates of these programs is more important than ever. He outlined the wide variety of good jobs available and discussed possible reasons that horticulture is not considered by young adults preparing to enter college or the job market.
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