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May 28, 2017

The Right Way to Recycle Your Phone
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When it’s time to upgrade to a new mobile phone, what should you do with your old phone? An electronics recycling expert shares some ideas. Then, the human brain can stay sharp while we age if we train it to do so. A neuroscience researcher says its never too soon to start.
Episode Segments:
Keeping your Brain Active
Mark Underwood, PhD, is a neuroscience researcher, expert on brain aging and cognitive function, President and co-founder of Wisconsin-based biotech company Quincy Bioscience. Dr. Underwood said most people start to experience mild memory loss by age 40. He explained the relationship of early memory problems to advanced forms of dementia as people enter their 70s and 80s. He outlined basic steps to take to keep the brain active, which may prevent or slow cognitive decline as a person ages.
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The Right Way to recycle Your Phone
Patty Osterberg is, Education & Outreach Director of Sustainable Electronics Recycling International, an organization that sets standards for responsible electronics recycling. She discussed the most responsible ways to recycle unused mobile phones and other electronic gadgets. Her organization certifies recyclers with the R2 standard, which verifies that recycling companies perform their services in a responsible and ethical manner. She talked about the environmental impact of throwing a phone in the trash.
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Sustainable Homes
Susan Carpenter is Program Manager of the Insight Center for Community Economic Development, a non-profit organization that focuses on policies to build economic health in lower income communities. Ms. Carpenter spent two years and thousands of dollars transforming her California home into a test case for sustainable living. She talked about some of the most cost-efficient ways to go “green,” along with some of the less successful projects. She outlined the easiest ways the average person can improve their environmental footprint.
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