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February 15, 2013

The Real Risks of Radon
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The Government has warned for years that its a silent killer that could affect any American home at any time. But what are the real risks of Radon gas? Well get some straight talk from an expert. Then, are you making mistakes that could destroy your career or the business you work for? Well get some practical advice from a legal expert on how to avoid those legal landmines.
Episode Segments:
InfoTrak: The Facts on Radon

The federal government says radon causes about 21,000 deaths from lung cancer each year. However, Dr. Phil Price, PhD, physicist at the Airflow and Pollutant Transport Group of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and an expert on indoor radon gas says the issue is more complex and the total number of radon deaths is uncertain.
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InfoTrak: Legal Landmines for Your Business

Lawsuits can have severe consequences for businesses, both large and small. Attorney Michael G. Trachtman, author of The Four Mistakes: Avoiding the Legal Landmines that Lead to Business Disaster outlined the most common legal vulnerabilities, and how employees can protect their jobs by helping their employer to steer clear of litigation.
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InfoTrak: Does Calorie Information Matter in Fast Food?

In many areas of the country, fast food restaurants are posting calorie information on their menus. Dr. Brian Elbel, Assistant Professor of Medicine and Health Policy at the New York University School of Medicine and Wagner School of Public Service conducted a study and found that the added information made no difference in what a customer ordered. He talked about the possible reasons behind this, and offered suggestions that could help to lower obesity rates.
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