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June 28, 2014

Why Good People Canít Get Jobs
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Millions of Americans are looking for work. We'll talk to a top expert who explains why good people can't get jobs. Then, we hear a lot about reducing our carbon footprint. Now, we'll share a few practical tips that anyone can apply.
Episode Segments:
InfoTrak: Why Good People Canít Get Jobs

Despite high unemployment rates, companies often believe that they cannot find the employees they need, arguing that applicants are not qualified or wonít accept jobs at the wages offered. Dr. Peter Cappelli, author of Why Good People Canít Get Jobs discussed the underlying reasons that jobs are going unfilled. He believes that employers often maintain bad hiring methods and unrealistic expectations. He offered advice for unemployed and recently-graduated job seekers.
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InfoTrak: Low Carbon Living

Jeff Deyette is Senior Energy Analyst/Assistant Director of Energy Research & Analysis at the Union of Concerned Scientists, and co-author of Cooler Smarter: Practical Steps for Low-Carbon Living Mr. Deyetteís organization conducted a two-year study of simple steps that consumers can take to reduce their own global warming emissions by 20 percent. He outlined some of most effective ways to save energy and money, and shared some of the most surprising energy-saving myths.
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InfoTrak: Preventing Home Accidents

Accidents in the home injure more than 12 million Americans every year and are the fifth leading cause of death. Safety, health and environmental expert Dan Hannan, author of Preventing Home Accidents talked about the most common accidents and how to avoid them. He also explained why there is a lack of education resources for people concerned about home safety.
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