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November 10, 2016

On The Wrong Side Of The Right Thing
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Our great nation, The United States of America, has gone through a lot of tumultuous and contentious events and as a result of going through these negative events, there often has been the birth, of something memorable, lessons learned and positive results at the end. Such as: passing of the Bill of Rights, Roe v Wade, The Civil Rights Act, Voting Rights Act, our 1st Commander in Chief, who is a person of color, President Barack Obama and the 1st woman to be elected by a major party, The Democratic Party, to run for President of The United States, Hillary Clinton. What is the commonality of the aforementioned? The commonality in part are: People who were connected to these events had to make certain that their voices were heard for what they wanted, for they felt was right. Sometimes, this was done through protests/marches, through the streets of large/small cities (some were peaceful, some were not) , as they cried out for justice; and, during election periods, people voted out who they deemed were wrong so that righteousness could be abound for assistance; and, as a nation, people could move forward in a positive manner. However, there is a caveat to all of this; and, that is, there are people who do not want to see a positive manner of movement, they want to maintain a stagnant position of non growth; and; because of this, they intentionally stand on the wrong side of the right thing, in order to evade a movement of necessity, that would be gratifying for all involved. I call this, People On The Wrong Side Of The Right Thing. Join me and my guest Mental Health Therapist, Reginald C. Campbell, for this lively and educational discussion.
Episode Segments:
Here's Theresa: People on the Wrong Side of the Right Thing
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