Saturday • June 03
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Loops in Your Writing
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The loops in certain letters of your handwriting reveal how sensitive you really are to criticism. Watch out for the huge balloon-like Ďdí loops, as individuals with this letter style exaggerate any criticism they receive. Fear of criticism makes us have a strained relationship with those around us. People need to walk on eggshells when dealing with a d-looped personís sensitive feelings.
Episode Segments:
Handwriting Secrets Revealed: Handwriting of the Rich and Famous

Do you write like youíre rich and famous? The way you make certain letters can help you to achieve a successful life. One of the important traits is persistence. It is the power to shape the future and no other quality is as essential to success as is persistence. It is the ability to move mountains one grain of and at a time. Another important trait for success is optimism. All the classic self-improvement books say a positive mental attitude is the key to success. When you are optimistic, you tend to stand up, look up, and tilt your head above the horizon.
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