Monday • May 20
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Be the Person You Want to Be
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When I set off on my journey to become a better person, all I knew is I wanted to change. I changed the kinds of music I listened to. I stopped watching TV. I stopped listening to others, and I took my life into my own hands. I stopped blaming others and I took responsibility to my own life. I did not know where the journey would take me, I wanted a new direction.

But the problems followed.

The reason these problems kept following me over and over and over again- errors in judgment repeated day after day will result in colossal failure. You canít fight the same battles with the same tactics and expect different results. You have to have courage. You have to fight harder. You have to know what you want and get after it. Donít blame others for your failures. You have to start living like the person you want to be. Focus on the good things and build on that.
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The Hydn Rousseau Show: Be The Person You want to Be
Life is a mirror of our thinking. when you focus on the positive, it acts as a shield against the negative. Stay on the grind. Give it your all every single day.
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