Monday • May 20
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Make a Commitment to Change
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You were brought here to this planet for one thing- to make the most of your life. And if you don't have the life you want, that's on you. You have to make the commitment to do what needs to be done to get the life you want. Stop making excuses and be your own man. we'll hear clips from the Greatest All Time, who knew this and made the commitment to be the best.
Episode Segments:
The Hydn Rousseau Show: Commit to Change
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Failure Is Not An Option: A Memoir
Author Hydn Rousseau's father walked out on him, his three siblings, and his mother when Rousseau was five years old. Most of his daily meals as a young man consisted of bread and sugar water. He didn't graduate from high school. He was convicted for selling drugs and served eight and a half years in prison. But that didn't stop Rousseau from accomplishing his goals and dreams.