Tuesday • February 27
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Music and the Brain
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Inspired by scientific and neurological research linking music and cognitive development, Music and the Brain is the experience of what research is now telling us; Music has a significant effect on the way our brains develop and function. When children receive sequential music instruction, it can impact their proficiency in language, reading, math and cognition. More than 200 public schools have used MATB as part of their core curriculum since 1997. We'll learn more with Program Director & Creator of Music and the Brain Lisha Lercari, and Program Manager for Music and the Brain Lisa Beatty. We will also speak with Sharon Golub, Music Teacher at PS 11 in Manhattan's Chelsea area who uses MATB in the classroom.
Episode Segments:
Educviii: Music and the Brain

Lisha Lercari is the creator and program director of Music and the Brain. Lisa Beatty is it's program manager. We will find out about the inspirations for the creation of this amazing program, and how it differs in the way music is usually taught.
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Educviii: Music and the Brain in the Classroom

In part two, we are joined by music teacher Sharon Golub, who teaches MATB. Ms. Golub is committed to making music an integral part of the curriculum. We'll hear about the positive effect this program has had on her students.
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Music And The Brain

Music and the Brain™ is a non-profit program developed by The 42nd St. Development Corp. to offer public school students the tools to learn to read and play music through classroom keyboard instruction.

Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Lisala Beatty
Lisala Beatty has worked with MATB since 2003 serving as the Program Manager for the past eight years. Among responsibilities including marketing, grantee relationship management and assisting in curriculum development, Lisala works extensively in the more than 200 schools who have received MATB grants. She supports teachers in using the MATB curriculum effectively through ongoing classroom visits.

A professional R&B and Jazz vocalist and songwriter for more than 20 years, Lisala’s voice is featured on many of the curriculum recordings. Her interpretations of the MATB piano songs help students internalize the repertoire they are learning on a deeper level. Lisala has performed across the U.S., France, England, Iceland, Italy, Spain, Russia, and Japan and has appeared on more than twenty recordings. Prior to working with MATB, Lisala worked as a Senior Account Manager for Vivendi Universal Net USA, the Walt Disney Internet Group and Ziff-Davis. Ms. Beatty holds a B.S. in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School where she majored in Marketing. Working with MATB has fulfilled a personal dream to work with young children and help facilitate them learning music in elementary school; something Lisala wishes existed when she was a student.

Music and the Brain