Tuesday • June 18
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How ISIS Targets Recruits
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HELP WANTED! YOUNG AMERICANS! NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! WILL TRAIN! JOIN OUR CAUSE AT TEAM ISIS! KILL THE ENEMY! BE ON TELEVISION! ENJOY 70 FEMALE VIRGINS AND A POT OF GOLD FOR YOUR EFFORTS! BE SOMEBODY!!! This is happening in the world today! Parents need to wake up and be aware! Young Americans and other Westerners are being targeted and drawn in to ISIS via some very alluring "ads" and promotions on-line designed to win-over those who feel no purpose or place in life! AWARENESS IS KEY to PREVENTING THIS and PARENTS ARE NEEDED TO KNOW! Join John and Leo's discussion and learn more about how!
Episode Segments:
Crime and Reason: ISIS
So how was ISIS able to grow so quickly from a "JV team" to the biggest terrorist threat in the Middle East? Marketing. John and Leo examine their recruiting tools and why they are so appealing to a certain segment of the younger population.
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