Tuesday • June 18
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Flight 9525
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THIS WEDNESDAY at 8pm EST, John Kelly and Leo Battenhausen will be reporting the latest and most accurate information on Germanwings co-pilot, Andreas Lubitz's brain and possible motivations for killing himself and 149 innocent passengers aboard Airbus Flight 9525 that was intentionally downed into the Alps last week. There is so much more to this tragedy than meets the eye, and John and Leo will find it! Additionally we will discuss the horrors suffered by a young family that bought a new home in San Diego California by the deranged and sociopathic mind of Kathy Rowe who could not take "no" for an answer! All this and more on Crime and Reason April 1, 2015 at 8pm EST on Talkzone.com! (Don't be fooled!) This is REAL CRIME and REAL REASON
Episode Segments:
Crime and Readson: Andreas Lubitz's Fatal Flight
What was going through Andreas Lubitz's mind when he made the decision to mercilessly KILLED 150 innocent people on a flight going through the Alps? We will give you the most accurate info so far. Plus, the case of Kathy Rowe who, when she lost a bidding war on her "dream house" made the buyers' life a living HELL of torture and fear via the internet!!!
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