Sunday • June 23
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Why Can't I Find A Good Man?
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Episode Segments:
Where Are All the Good Ones?
Looking for love and coming up empty? The husband/wife team of Scott & Emily McKay are here to tell you why you cant find the right mate. Emily also tells us how she met Scott, and how her 30-day plan can work for you, too. Plus - Sound Off Now from the ATL sounds off on the Auto Bailout.
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Questioning the 30 Day Plan
Scott and Emily give us the skinny on chemistry, and the important role it plays in any relationship. Some listeners also have some questions on Emilys 30-day plan, and whether or not its enough time to really click.
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Dating Basics & Advice
Scott & Emily share the best approach to a first date, and the conversations you should try, and try to avoid. And for you ladies - find out how to handle the Im-only-in-it-for-sex-guy, and what you can do to bolster a mans confidence.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Emily McKay
Emily McKay is a dating coach and co-host of top-ranked podcasts X & Y On The Fly and Online Dating Profile Rating. Her friendly, engaging personality has earned her thousands of readers and listeners worldwide. Having been a single mom who eventually found the man of her dreams, her passion is encouraging, empowering and equipping women to be feminine and confident in the dating world. She and her husband (dating coach Scot McKay) met on, so Emily is particularly passionate about helping women find true love online. Are you in a relationship that is less than what you desire? Are you a single mom who is struggling to find time for a healthy social life given your other responsibilities? If so, Emily has been where you are and is ready to stand with you to help you find the blissful relationship you deserve. Maximize your inner charm and thereby naturally attract only the highest quality men.

Her complete program for online dating success can be found at Click With

Her newest program is designed to empower women to be their most alluring and attractive possible selves at all times—without spending any more time than usual in the morning to make it happen. Find out more at Attraction Sign up for her FREE Keys To Bliss newsletter and receive an 8-part mini-course entitled “16 Generally Accepted But Disastrous Dating Principles”.

Scott McKay
Scot McKay has burst onto the scene in the last couple of years or so and quickly set himself apart with a unique approach he calls "character-based". Through a combination of "deserving what you want" and decoding the opposite sex's thought process, Scot talks about how a masculine, confident man of true character and leadership skill is an authentic representation of the man the most desirable women want, obviating the need for "tricks" and "techniques". His next-generation concepts transcend mere pickup and seduction and describe a state of having 100% control over one's dating life, culminating in the ability to attract the highest quality women on Earth, effectively manage relationships and make wise decisions from a position of strength. Scot is well known for his monumental VIRTUOSITY program, his brand-new relationship management system called The Leading Man, and for his multiple top-ranked podcasts on iTunes.He also promotes a unique formula for online dating success called Online Dating Domination, in which he objectively demonstrates how to literally dominate one's entire metro area on the dating site of your choice. Scot represents a real-world example of how a man can effectively manage a successful dating life all the way to the end goal of building a long-term future with the greatest woman he has ever met. Scot's ultimate "proof of concept" is his wife Emily, who is his podcast co-host and a recognized dating expert in her own right.

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