Monday • March 04
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Step Into My Office
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Ever wondered what goes on in Valeries office? Well, step into Valeries office for a day and shell share with you which emails she gets over and over again, the advice shes giving to beginners and top pageant contestants alike, and what she really thinks of pageant directors and pageant moms. Shell also talk about trends in pageant judging, pageantry on the Internet, and what it really takes to make it as a pageant coach. Listen in as Valerie talks about the challenges currently facing the pageant industry and where she finds inspiration. If youve ever wanted to learn a little bit more about the voice behind the microphone then you wont want to miss this episode!
Episode Segments:
Inside the Office
So whats a typical week like for the Pageant Coach? Find out, as Valerie takes you inside her office to meet her staff & to go thru her day to day. She also tells you the best ways to get you start in Pageantry, and how to know when you need a coach.
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Looking Towards the Future
In part three, Valerie gives some candid thoughts on Pageant Moms and Pageant Judges. She also gives her perspective on where the Pageant Industry is headed in the future.
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Questions and Answers
Valerie gives some Pageant Fab answers to common some of the most common questions she receives, like does phone coaching really work, what makes a great pageant coach, and how to get started if you want to be a pageant coach. Then, how you can find out if a pageant is any good, and what types of people make the best pageant directors.
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