Monday • September 27
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Transformation II: Returning from Incarceration to a Positive Life
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How does someone who has been incarceration for many years, who has been an addict, a criminal, re-enter society and make a useful life? An amazing woman named Rachel Morrison saw the problem and decided to do something about it by founding a program called EFFORTS. Bob talks with her and EFFORTS program graduates Michelle Staton, and Clarence Miser. They talk about their pasts and how their lives have been transformed.
Episode Segments:
The Bob Woodson Show: EFFORTS
Rachel talks about where the idea for EFFORTS came from, and the programs humble beginnings. We also meet Michelle & Clarence, two graduates of the program, who talk about what makes this program so different, and why it works so well.
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The Bob Woodson Show: Lives Affected by EFFORTS
Michelle describes how her relationship with her family has changed since she completed the program, while Clarence explains the reaction he got from his people on the streets. They also explain what makes EFFORTS so different than other programs that deal with ex-offenders.
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The Bob Woodson Show: Faith and EFFORTS
Rachel discusses the importance of faith to what she is trying to accomplish, and also talks about the changes she would make if she was in charge of the prison systems. She stresses the importance of creating positive options as the key.
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Learn More About EFFORTS
EFFORTS: Employment for Former Offenders Receiving Treatment. EFFORTS is a highly structured, confidential, spiritual, outpatient, abstinence program, which stresses strong recovery issues and spiritual growth from drugs and alcohol.