Monday • July 22
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What to Do When You’ve Won
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Winning is the ultimate goal of any pageant contestant – you work hard to prepare for the pageant and then celebrate when you’ve achieved your goal. But what comes after that big win? Join Valerie Hayes as she walks you though the many aspects of being a successful titleholder. She’ll talk about how to handle your new director, interacting with the pageant sponsors, getting appearances, and collecting on your prize package. If you’re currently a titleholder or plan to win the crown at your next pageant, you won’t want to miss this episode!

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Episode Segments:
Pageant Talk Radio: What to Do First
Once you win that crown, those twelve months are going to fly by. But even before you take the stage at the pageant, there are some things you can do to make sure you have a fab reign. Valerie outlines some simple things you need to do before the big night (like CLOSELY reading your contract), and how to let your families, friends & sponsors know you’ve captured that crown.
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Pageant Talk Radio: After You’ve Won
You may have won the crown, but your hard work isn’t over! Here in part two, Valerie will tell you what you need to accomplish with your first post-pageant meetings with the director, how to book appearances, and connect with your fan base.

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