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August 11, 2007

Teens and Car Crashes
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A shocking number of teens die in car accidents. We'll talk to a top expert who has tips to keep teen drivers safe. Next, is America running out of electricity and means to deliver it? An electrical industry consultant has the answers. And, we'll talk to a college professor for tips on how graduates can succeed in the real world.
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First, a look at the deadly accident rate by teen drivers, and how teens can improve the odds. Then, one expert says the US electrical grid is at risk for failure. And, a college professor spells out how graduates can make it big in the real world.
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Teenagers and Car Crashes

Car crashes kill more teenagers each year than guns, drugs, suicide and alcohol combined. Timothy Smith is a certified driving instructor, licensed race car driver, and father of three teenagers. His book Crash-Proof Your Kids reveals the inadequate way that most teens learn to drive. He spells out simple ways to reduce crash risks of teens by 30% or more. He also talks about the most dangerous distractions that cause deadly crashes.
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Are the Lights Going Out?

Jason Makansi is President of Pearl Street, Inc., a consulting firm serving the electricity industry. He's also Executive Director of the Energy Storage Council, a public-policy advocacy organization, and author of Lights Out: the Electricity Crisis, the Global Economy, and What It Means To You. He discusses the nations electricity distribution grid, and says the system is badly outdated and deteriorating. He also talked about the serious outages that may be in our nations future if improvements are not made.
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Making College Really Pay Off

Bill Coplin, PhD., Director and Professor of Public Affairs at Syracuse University, is the author of 25 Ways To Make College Pay Off. He had some good advice on how prospective college students can choose the right school. He also explains how to develop the skills that employers actually want, so they can leave school well-prepared for the real world.
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