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August 18, 2007

The Future for Oil and Energy
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Environmental economist Nathan Glasgow tells how we can win what he calls the "oil end-game". Then, Donna Coleman, a children's advocate, has some chilling facts about recent abductions of children by sex offenders. And, popular author and speaker Cheryl Richardson talks about the positive effects of meditation and how focusing more clearly on the people in our lives can open new doors of insight and growth.
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Independence from Oil Energy
Nathan Glasgow is an environmental economist and a biologist and researcher for the Rocky Mountain Institute. He has co-authored a report titled Winning the Oil Endgame, which details how the U.S. can revitalize its economy and transition away from oil dependence within a few decades. He talked about important improvements in energy efficiency and conservation efforts that can actually help industries become more profitable.
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Keeping Kids Safe from Predators
Donna Coleman, President of the Children's Advocacy Alliance, talks about the recent trend of high-profile cases in which kids have been abducted by sexual predators. She has suggestions for parents on how to protect children, and how to know where registered sex offenders live. She also discusses the need for a national online database.
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Divine Guidance and Meditation
Cheryl Richardson, media personality and author of The Unmistakable Touch of Grace, discusses the uncanny coincidences that can be signs and guidance on the road of life. She also talks about positive benefits of regular meditation, which can improve health and lead to breakthroughs in business, self awareness, and personal relationships. She also talks about how having a clearer focus on the people in our lives can provide significant new opportunities for growth.
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