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August 25, 2007

Finding Fulfillment at Work
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Show Introduction
For college grads just entering the workforce, or for those in longtime careers, we have good advice on how to find happiness at work. Then, there are often big challenges for first-time parents, but we have some tips to help. And, the never ending battle against online spam is taking some new twists and turns.
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Can Your Job Really Make You Happy?
Tim Irwin, PhD, licensed psychologist and adjunct professor of psychology at the University of Georgia is the author of Run with the Bulls without Getting Trampled. For the 85% of Americans who feel unfulfilled by their work, Dr. Irwin talks about the likely causes and how to reverse course. He has ways you can find meaning in the workplace, along with suggestions for college graduates just entering the workforce.
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What to Do When Baby Makes Three
Stacie Cockrell is a full-time mother and author of Babyproofing Your Marriage. She says having babies and parenting small children can be tough on a marriage. She talks about the many, often unexpected challenges of early parenthood. Then, she outlines simple ways that husbands and wives can bridge the gap and reconnect with one another.
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Fighting Spam and Viruses Online
Those annoying spam emails and viruses seem to be reaching tidal wave proportions. So, we called on Ron OBrien, Senior Security Analyst at Sophos, an online security firm, to discuss the two latest battles in the spam wars: attachment spam and fake greeting card messages containing links to malicious software. Ron warns about the dangers of this new junk email, and has some online safety rules for computer users.
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