Thursday • April 18
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Why Arent Asian-Americans Climbing the Corporate Ladder?
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The Asian-American population is growing faster than any other. Yet few are reaching the top of the corporate ladder. An expert gives her thoughts on why. Then- a growing number of teens are dropping out of high school every year. What can be done to stem the tide, and should you be worried about your teen? Plus, the basic steps to a healthy lifestyle.
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Show Introduction
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Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling
Jane Hyun,author of Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling" discusses Asian-Americans in the workforce and why many have been unable to get ahead in their careers; why stereotypes, and Asian cultural influences and values may cause them to be misunderstood by colleagues and bosses.
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Keeping Kids in School
Each year, thousands of kids drop out of High School.Is your child at risk? Dr. Gerald Tirozzi, Wha Executive Director of the National Association of Secondary School Principals talks about what can be done to improve graduation rates in the US, and what you can do to help your child stay in school.
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The Basic Steps to A Healthy Lifestyle
We're all told to eat right and excersise, but are we? A new study shows we're not. Professor Mathew Reeves from Michigan State University conducted that study, and he share the surprising results, showing that only 3-percent of us are doing what we need to do.
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