Monday • April 15
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Should We Be Afraid of the Water We Drink?
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It surrounds us and sustains us, but does the water we drink now hold the risk of death and disease? We have the disturbing facts. Then, for many Americans, prosperity seems like a given. But it hasnt always been that way. How has all this abundance affected us as a nation? Plus, what are the factors that could be contributing to your childs bad grades?
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Robert D. Morris The Blue Death
Water gives us life. But could our drinking water now be killing us? Robert D. Morris is an environmental epidemiologist, a researcher in the field of drinking water and health, and author of The Blue Death: Disease, Disaster & the Water We Drink. He has the disturbing facts.
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The Cost of the Wealth of America
America is a rich country, but how has that abundance changed us? Brink Lindsey, author of The Age of Abundance discusses how our economic prosperity since World War II has chanced the dynamics in every facet of American life including gender relations, race relations, politics and religion.
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The Real Reasons Behind Bad Grades
All parents want their kids to succeed in school. But what happens when they cant meet the expectations set in the classroom. Linda Silbert is the author of Why Bad Grades Happen to Good Kids, and she discuses some of the most common causes of poor academic performance.
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