Wednesday • June 12
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Outsourcing American Jobs Is it a Crisis?
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Millions of American jobs have moved overseas and the trend continues. Some say it is a crisis. What can be done to help the skilled American worker who is now unemployed? Then In business, nice guys finish last. But is the same true for women? Plus an expert has tips to lower your cholesterol without the use of drugs.
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Ron Hira, co-author of Outsourcing America
The trend of moving American jobs overseas continues to grow. Ron Hira explains how much outsourcing is taking place, what its impact is and will be, and what can be done about the loss of jobs.
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Nice Girls Don't Get Rich
If youre a woman in the workplace, you may wonder if nice girls finish last. Just what impact does your personality have on your income? Lois P. Frankel, author of Nice Girls Dont Get Rich has some fascinating answers.
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Controlling Your Cholesterol - Without Drugs
Everyone knows the dangers of high cholesterol. Are there better ways to control than by taking drugs? David Vitko., author of Perfect Cholesterol in Three Weeks discusses how changes in diet can lower cholesterol quickly. He also outlines the pros and cons of cholesterol drugs.
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