Friday • June 09
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What You need to Know to Avoid Infection
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You check into a hospital to get better. But killer bugs may be waiting to attack. What do you need to know to avoid an infection? Then todays kids are surrounded by electronic devices. We have tips for parents to help their kids unplug from computers, TV and video games. And Amrericas Money Man has an update on the sub-prime mortgage situation.
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Battling the Superbugs
Theres been a surge in hospital-aquired infections. And hospitals themselves may be to blame. Lisa McGiffert, Senior Policy Analyst on Health Issues, Project Director of the Stop Hospital Infections project for Consumers Union, discusses the basics of the recent surge in staph infections across the nation, the underlying causes of the trend, and how to avoid the MRSA bacteria, particularly for those who must be hospitalized.
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Unplug Your Kids
Most experts say todays children are spending an unhealthy amount of time in front of the TV and computers. Bobbi Conner, author of Unplugged Play explains that parents can often create fun and inexpensive entertainment for kids with little effort, to reduce the amount of electronic entertainment in their household.
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The Sub-prime Mortgage Mess
Financial expert Jordan Goodman, author of numerous personal finance books, including Everyone's Money Book on Real Estate, discusses the recent sub-prime mortgage debacle and its effect on consumers. He outlined several new financing options for home owners who are facing skyrocketing monthly payments as their adjustable mortgage rates rise.
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