Friday • June 09
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The Investment Racial Divide
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Building a retirement nest egg is vital for all Americans. But a new study shows a startling racial divide among investors. What are the underlying causes of this trend? Then Hows the air in your home, school or office. Studies show it may be toxic. What must you know to stay healthy indoors? An expert explains the risks of indoor pollution, and gives basic tips on how to detoxify your home. Plus what effect does spirituality have on dealing with disabilities?
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The Widening Investment Gap
An annual study of the investment practices of African-Americans, revealed that blacks often avoid the stock market, and they stand to struggle financially through retirement in greater proportions than whites at similar income levels. Matthew Yale , VP of Public Affairs for Ariel Capital Management explains some of the underlying causes of this trend and possible solutions.
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Indoor Air Pollution
Most of us take the air we breathe for granted. But startling findings show the air we breathe indoors can be toxic. Indoor environment consultant Dan Stih explains the effects of indoor pollution and talks about the most common indoor air contaminants, and suggests basic steps to detoxify a house.
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Spirituality and Disabilities
Research has shown religion is helpful for those facing a life threatening illness. Now, a new study shows faith can also play a role for those facing long term disabilities. Dr. Brick Johnstone, Professor and Chairman of the Department of Health Psychology, University of Missouri-Columbia School of Health Professions, shares the results of that study.
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