Monday • June 24
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The Unexpected Danger of Lead Poisoning
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Parents worry about keeping their kids safe from danger. But an unexpected menace lead poisoning may threaten your children right at home. A consumer advocate says lead can be found in a surprising number of products not on any recall list. Then helping your children get organized can make the difference between their success and their failure. Well talk with an expert who has some great tips. Plus the problem of fraudulent pre-paid phone cards.
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Poisonous Lead in Unexpected Places
A new investigation by Consumer Reports found that lead hazards in consumer products arent limited to the millions of toys recalled so far this year. Don Mays, Senior Director of Product Safety Planning and Technical Administration at Consumers Union, says they found lead in a surprising variety of common items not on any federal recall list.
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Getting Your Kids Organized
Rhona Gordon, child development expert, certified speech and language pathologist, and author of Thinking Organized for Parents and Children, talks about the difficulties that many young students face in school. She believes that many problems can be corrected by improving a childs organizational and time management skills, and suggests several strategies to help.
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The Pre-Paid Problem
Hispanic Immigrants are among the largest users of pre-paid phone cards. Now, there are charges being made of major fraud on the part of card vendors. Gus West, President and Board Chairman of the Hispanic Institute, a non-profit advocacy organization, explains the problem.
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