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November 23, 2007

Hi-Tech Trash
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Could your I-Pod one day become e-waste? Environmental waste from high-tech throwaways is becoming a real problem. Well find out what you can do to help. Then some of todays criminals are using modern technology to steal vital information. You could be a victim and not even know it. An online security expert will teach you to protect yourself. Plus an author shares some of her positive parenting principles to help you raise a happy child.
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The Growing Problem of E-Waste
Todays Hi-tech throwaways are causing a real environmental waste problem. Kimberlee Dinn, Campaign Director for Earthworks, discusses campaigns by e-waste activists to convince companies to offering recycling programs for their products and how an individual can donate old cell phones to charitable recycling programs.
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Hi-Tech Crime
Modern technology is a wonderful thing. It makes life easier. Unfortunately, it can also make crime easier for the bad guys. Ira Winkler, online security expert, and author of Spies Among Us, explains the latest trends in cyber crimes, and how consumers can protect themselves and their information from intruders.
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What All Children Want Their Parents to Know
If youre a busy parent, you may sometimes wish you had a set of rules to help you raise a happy child. Diana Loomans, author of What All Children Want Their Parents to Know," shares positive parenting principles based on the opinions of youngsters.
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